She hit a house ….

…. You don’t want to drive with her she hit a house. 

Yup! That’s right. I’m that girl that made the news because she hit a house! I remember that day like it was today…. April 4th 2016.

 I was your reigning Miss Washington US 2016, I had just left a meeting with a teacher about going into her class and speaking with her students on positive life choices. Ironic your thinking huh? I was on my way to a personal training session and talking on my blue tooth with someone from the Seattle Mariners about the Washington United States Pageant doing fundraising with them. That poor woman who heard the entire crash on the other side of the phone… 
Let me tell you again…. I AM THE GIRL WHO HIT A HOUSE. but what I bet your wondering is how it happened. So here goes. 

I remember sitting outside in the persons yard shortly after it happened while the whiteness called 9-1-1 after getting me out of the car…. I called my brother and all I could say was my car hit a house and I was in SO much pain. Can you imagine your baby sister calling and telling you that? On a side note…. this was the fifth time I had been hit by another car… so really it wasn’t so shocking but he thought that I just you know ran into a house. Just like your probably thinking right now too …. remember there’s always more to the story than meets the eye….

I was driving south down a street called post. This street if you don’t know is single lane going both direction but after buckeye (I believe is the street name) the drivers on post gave the right away for several miles. It had been raining that day …. (it’s Washington duh! If it’s not snowing it’s raining. Or even doing both in the same day….). I was going the speed limit which is 30 mph, minding my own business and all the sudden I see a dodge truck not stop… or Even yeild for the stop sign (people from California move to Washington… you know California stops)… I slammed on my breaks but it wasn’t enough. He hit me. All I can remember thinking is block my ribs from the air bag…. so I did causing my hand to break. It took me five seconds to realize my car didn’t stop and was moving across the other lane of traffic (thank God that no one else was coming that direction). My seat belt had down its job, air bag deployed and all I could think about was holy f*ck my car is going through there living room if it doesn’t stop … tried the breaks and nothing. So I grabbed the steering wheel and yanked as hard as I could… hitting a con create slab turned into stairs up to the people’s house … ummm yeah when an air bag deploys just so y’all know it is really dusty… kinda like smoke. So insue anxiety and freaking out because in a matter of 30 seconds my life legit flashed through my eyes as I was trying to not hit a house and figure out what was really going on. Besides knowing my guardian angels were there holding on as tight as they could so that more damage wasn’t done.  

This has been the worst. I don’t have my own car and can’t get my own car for a long time… I still have issues from it that I’m trying to work out physically but emotionally too. I get freaked out by other drivers, espicslly once that are on that side of my car. I have flash backs from it. But the worse thing is when my “friends” think it’s cute to tell people that I hit a house but leave all the other details out. 

It isn’t funny. It’s actually really hurtful and makes things worse. I keep asking myself what I could have done different. Not to mention the dirty looks and rude comments I get because of it. All I want to do is cry when this happens because even explaining myself people don’t believe me at that point. They see me as the idiot who hit a house …. and has been in four other accidents. Don’t drive with her. 
I want to be the girl who survived that. Who can show that any can survive it. 

Sometimes the people around you don’t understand your journey. They don’t need to it’s not for them


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