The beginning of a new normal…

The daily struggles since car accident number 6….. where will the hope come out of the darkness

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I have been lost my whole life it seems like. I don’t truly know what happiness is. Or what it is like to stay happy. This week I made a friend. Everything was going great. She even joined my buisness. Everything was great and we were building a friendship and a partnership with the buisness. […]

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…. being a girlfriend 

So how I always imagined being a girlfriend is establishing a relationship mutually. Relationships scare me but at the same time I long for one. I’m only getting older…  So here’s the scoop. I met a guy when I got back to the Washington about a month ago… we spend about 90 percent of the […]

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She hit a house ….

…. You don’t want to drive with her she hit a house.  Yup! That’s right. I’m that girl that made the news because she hit a house! I remember that day like it was today…. April 4th 2016.  I was your reigning Miss Washington US 2016, I had just left a meeting with a teacher […]

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